Brand strategy, Graphic design, UX/UI, Iconography | Graphic design process
Experienced graphic design and art direction delivers efficient and all around creative solutions, execution and deployment by Corey Olin.
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Like minds

Leading the front with reliable experience, strong work ethic and personal client support.

American designer Corey Olin has excelled in brand strategy and commercial art production since 2001.

Corey Olin

Creative director

Icelandic developer Gunnar Thor has built sound technical solutions for ventures across the globe since 2004.

Gunnar Thor

Lead developer
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From start to finesse

We find design prospers from strategic production, ensuring an efficient, economic creative process.


    Our ideas stem from in depth research of market competition and current practices in media tech.

  • 02 CONCEPT

    We look to expand your market outreach with characteristic branding and distinctive user experience.

  • 03 DESIGN

    Form follows function with user experience and emotion leading clean commercial art and branding.


    We match reliable code with trusted advancements among devices and customize for community platforms.

  • 05 DEPLOY

    After launching your venture, we assist in navigating your presence using modern marketing routes.

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